Energy Enhancement, Energy Blockages and The Removal Of Fear

The dread of having nothing. The dread of death, notwithstanding when this isn’t probably going to happen soon, can make you take the idiotic slave-like way throughout everyday life.

As Jesus Christ said – “Take a gander at all the lilies in the field. They work not, neither do they spin….” they don’t fear.

Dread is one of the real manifestations of vitality blockages in the Base Chakra.

Chakras are processors in the PC sense, the multi-chakra’d person is a multi-processor PC, and as everybody knows, every one of the supercomputers are multiprocessor.

Be that as it may, individuals have chakras which are obstructed by vitality blockages or Nafs in the Sufi sense, and hence don’t work.

These vitality blockages chop down the usefulness of people, chop down their IQ, give them contrary feelings like annoyance, dread, habit and sorrow and give them wrong considerations of existentialism, partition, anomie, no heart, no affection.

Numerous Ancient and compelling Techniques of Meditation will chip away at the Painless Integration of the Earth association.

The evacuation of blockages in the base chakra will expel all dread. Further it will begin the evacuation of blockages in the remainder of the framework will build Kundalini, Love, reason, will and the intensity of doing. The evacuation of blockages in the base chakra will assist us with being down to earth, to help enable us to “DO”, to enable us to make our vision a pragmatic reality.

The Source of Kundalini Energy is constantly noted as being in the base chakra, so as you evacuate those blockages then Kundalini Energy will begin to wash away the various vitality blockages in the framework.

We additionally need to expel Blockages underneath the base chakra and the focal point of the earth, “these kinds of vitality blockages make the De-Feeted or vanquished” which have diminished our vitality and make it plausible we would rely upon others, be a slave, do what we are told.

The Earth Connection causes the child to realize that it will come back to the Soul whether it is fruitful with its combination with the Earth or not. Causes it to figure out how to Master the physical environs of this planet. Here and there this Initiation will make issues with this Earth association yet this combination needs to begin to occur before for advancement to be made.

Indeed, even with no major developmental “Support Point” issues, as we advance through perspective changes of advancement, each understudy needs to reinforce this world association through these Advanced Techniques of Meditation, accessible in each culture in light of the fact that the Base Chakra is your base and establishment whereupon can be assembled the Temple of Solomon.

Symbolizing Evolutionary Integration. Symbolizing every one of your degrees of the Auric Body which should be nourished and made, with the goal that we can work at our full limit.

Figure out how to assemble your home on the Rock; The Philosophers Stone or Piedra from which came Peter the Apostle.

We have to become familiar with the Contact with inorganic issue, the earth, the Inorganic creatures of Don Juan and Carlos Castenada from where we get the vitality to fabricate our mystic bodies. The production of Gurdjieff’s “The Body Kesdjian” and to get to the Soul Plane and Higher. The following Levels of the Matrix!!

I Felt Hot In My Spine, Some Of My Blockages Were Burned And Removed, And Again At The End Of The Meditation I Felt A Higher Level Of Energy.

We have to figure out how to extend the vitality circle to the focal point of the earth, and to ground and consume blockages. Blockages can be grounded and consumed, ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ and you don’t need to remember injuries or significantly recollect the wellspring of injuries.

It is conceivable to figure out how to free Up our Energies With cutting edge contemplation strategies!! These progressed meditational methods tell the best way to Transmute pressure, agony and negative vitality which is held clairvoyantly inside you.

Down to earth Ancient and Successful Guided Meditations which will place you in contact with your very own earth vitality association.

Making the Earth Connection is one of the Core Energy Techniques like the contemplations of the Taoist Masters, The Kundalini Kriyas or the Guided reflections of Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.